Welcome to Qualiserv Group!

Qualiserv Group officially have be established in 2010 with 100% capital from Japan and based on trust and sustainable cooperation of its partners and customers. We have created a service networks system to supply distribution the best products from the advent of innovative new technology between Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and countries in Asia and over the world. With our network systems help us to provide materials for manufacturing main fields such as electronic, automotive, rubber - plastic injection, cutting technology, surface treatment, machine, tools for additional these field and of course more others new products for consumers.

We always bring the best products and services for all partners with below mission to sourcing materials and saving relevant costs such as:

      -  Saving the delivery cost.

      -  Minimizing the inventory.

      -  Shortening lead-time.

We are committed to building long term business relationships in our current market.

At Qualiserv Group, we constantly bring the best service and quality from Japanese standards for all categories, through the way contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam Cambodia and countries in Asia and over the world.